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Today I got beast back from Club Penguin. Not going to bother putting e-mail up cause its boring and apologetic. Here he is:

I will probably never go onto beast, too much fame to handle.



Here are my three penguins!

I might be getting back my other penguin from BETA testing named beast (no capitals).

Yes yes yes Violin is a BETA….

I will never wear the hat in public because it causes too much publicity and fame (which I don’t believe in)!

I quit Club Penguin after BETA testing because it was boring me to death.  Little penguins waddling around with red and yellow hats on…

WADDLE ON (and pray I get beast back)


The new furniture catalog came out today and there are a few secrets!

Click on the “P” in Plants to get the palm tree!

Click on the Large House Plant to get the Coffee Shop Tree

Click on the Vase to get the Plush Gray Chair

Click the Pink Plastic Castle to get the Inflatable Dragon

Click the top of the Kitchen Sink to get the Cake

I will post some pictures of me and some famous people and other random stuff soon in a new page.  BE SURE TO CHECK IT OUT!


Finally, Club Penguin brought back the wizard hat (from 1st year halloween party).  I joined right afterwards and had to live without until now.  It is located in the lighthouse!

They also released a new pin: The Anvil Pin

Finally Info before Paintboy100 or Watex, or all of them!

Until new clothing catalog or something much!



I got my membership back and have decided to do something nice with it. I am kinda famous considering how old i am (533 days) and some of the items I have. I am going to start a YouTube Miniseries called Penguin Spotlight. I will highlight a few penguins every week for a bout 5 minutes through an interview, journey with them, and fashion show. If you would like to appear comment here with Penguin Standard Time and day so you can BE FIRST!!!

Until my first video,

Waddle ON!


EDIT: I have made first video featuring Hedge5 (still trying to upload)!

Ok, now that school is almost ovre and things have settled down I am thinking about a Podcast.  Remember me saying I LOVED World of Warcraft (or maybe not)?  I am thinking heavily about getting this blog up and going again and making it WoW themed or maybe just linking tit to my podcast so everyone can be joyful and hear me again.

Until I feel like posting again,

ViolinBeast (one of the MANY names I go by)…

They are completly adoptable now, but only for members! They are 800 coins, and they love art!! When they sleep, they dream about being a superhero! They are the best yet. (Sorry, no pics, my computer is running low on memory!)


The Western party is here, as boring as it may be. 😆
There are 3 free items, two backgrounds and one bandanna. The backgrounds are at the Forest and the Dock, and the bandanna is at the Plaza. Sorry I don’t have any pictures!

Happy thanksgiving, everyone! This is Stellar just giving a quick update. 🙂

The new newspaper is out, I haven’t had a chance to get a pic quite yet, will come soon!

The party is tommorrow, most likely Western unless someone votes like crazy for sports.


Sorry for posting this so late: The theater is finished, and it’s great!! There is pics at my site, a ton of them!!!Over and out,